Yup, Cameron McKirdy is alive. Things are still looking up in Oregon. Here’s a quick update to my personal blog here on

First, I still make videos. Survival Bros is going strong on YouTube, and WordPress. I’ve been writing often, and making Audio Tracks on my phone and computer. I love producing Media for the web and mobile. Also, I regularly add photos to my Instagram, so send me a follow request. Of course, you can always reach out to me via email: Below is a picture of me warmed up after shooting hoops. Listen up for me announcing in the future. I love basketball, and using my voice. Of course I’ve been both a Public Address Announcer for Seaside High, and a digital card pack breaker opening products LIVE such as NBA Top Shot NFTs. Plus, I’m on Flickr for more images.

The Gulls won a Championship with Cam on The Mic
Breaking NFT Packs Online

And yeah, I’d still consider #cuddling you if you reached out… #cuddlelife


  1. I want a BIG HUG from you Cam but we live way too far apart sadly. I’m in Northeast Texas 😦 …saw you on Abandoned and I think your Awesome!!…and I too have a Van…but don’t live in it full time as of yet. It’s a 1988 GMC High Top Camper Van. I call it “my small house on wheels” 🙂

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