EDC Everyday Carry Backpack Items Listed

Survival Bros shows you the contents of Cameron McKirdy’s EDC day pack.  Gear like this is perfect for daily emergency preparedness.  Visit the blog http://www.survivalbros.com for more information.  Please like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE!  Thanks.

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Cameron McKirdy Hunts Down The King Bolete Mushroom at Fort Stevens

Cam from Survival Bros finds dinner in the woods at Fort Steven State Park in Hammond, Oregon. He ate this mushroom with homemade spaghetti sauce and pasta.  More foraging, and outdoor blogs on http://www.survivalbros.com

fairy ringCameron McKirdy discovered this naturally occurring fairy ring deep in the forest

My Fort Stevens State Park Mushroom Hunting Trips 2012

My friends and I have been foraging.  Nothing beats fresh, free food. That’s why we recently camped at Fort Stevens State Park in Hammond Oregon. There we found tons of mushrooms, both edible and poisonous. 

I created these videos to show you our Survival Bros adventures.  The first HD video production shows us roaming the park, and discovering fungi.  The second video below is a slideshow of pictures taken at the park.  Third is a video I made featuring Park Ranger Dane Osis lecturing, followed by a quick hunt around Coffenbury Lake.  The last video is more footage of us learning about mushrooms, and cutting them to take home. 

Peep http://www.survivalbros.com for my full blog on the foray into the woods.  Enjoy.  Visit this site regularly for more of my videos and Art.  Thanks.

– Cameron McKirdy