EDC Everyday Carry Backpack Items Listed

Survival Bros shows you the contents of Cameron McKirdy’s EDC day pack.  Gear like this is perfect for daily emergency preparedness.  Visit the blog http://www.survivalbros.com for more information.  Please like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE!  Thanks.

cam edc

Extreme HD Mountain Biking Video on the McKenzie River Trail in Oregon

The McKenzie River Trail may be the best mountain biking spot on earth. I had the chance to smash it, and here’s the proof. I strapped on my GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition camera, and went for it. No helmet! Yeah, I believe in myself, but I was close to death a few times. I chose life. What a wonderful day. Enjoy the HD video footage. I hope you get a chance to visit this Oregon playground soon. If so, make sure to visit the Cougar Hot Springs nearby. More about my trip on Survival Bros, my emergency preparedness blog. Peace and love. – Cam
mckenzie river trail sign