Cameron McKirdy’s New Videos For Survival Bros!

Here’s my latest and greatest movies for my emergency preparedness website  The community is taking off.  I recently backpacked to the Hiker’s Cabins on Tillamook Head, and rafted down the Nehalem River in Oregon.  Peep them all, and feel free to comment.  Thanks for visiting my video production site.  Peace.  Cam

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Filming Living Human Statues Around Oregon

Some of my most popular videos feature street performers.  I highly respect these dedicated Artists.  Below are two videos.  The first, correctly titled, “LIVING Human Statue plays with his balls in Portland, OR” is my most watched movie with 183,036 views, 237 likes, plus 227 comments and counting!  You will probably recognize The Silver Man, if you’ve spent much time exploring downtown Portland.  I filmed this with an old camera over five years ago.  Fushigi.

This video is my Extended Director’s Cut of Jackson Meyer as The Northwest Tin Man on the promenade in Seaside, Oregon.  It’s RAW.  He’s a good friend, and very talented dancer.  You should see him now!  Extremely entertaining.  Enjoy!

– Cam

Northwest Tin Man Seaside OR


Beach Sunset At The End of The World in Seaside OR

Watch these three awesome HD videos I produced.  You won’t believe your eyes!  There’s always something to do in Seaside, OR.  But be safe out there.  You never know what’s gonna go down in this popular coastal town.  Peace.

– Cameron McKirdy

Flash Flood Destroys Downtown Seaside Oregon

Seaside Candy Man Blown Up By Missile Attack

Drone Strike Destroys Downtown Seaside Oregon | Nugget Report #1

My Fort Stevens State Park Mushroom Hunting Trips 2012

My friends and I have been foraging.  Nothing beats fresh, free food. That’s why we recently camped at Fort Stevens State Park in Hammond Oregon. There we found tons of mushrooms, both edible and poisonous. 

I created these videos to show you our Survival Bros adventures.  The first HD video production shows us roaming the park, and discovering fungi.  The second video below is a slideshow of pictures taken at the park.  Third is a video I made featuring Park Ranger Dane Osis lecturing, followed by a quick hunt around Coffenbury Lake.  The last video is more footage of us learning about mushrooms, and cutting them to take home. 

Peep for my full blog on the foray into the woods.  Enjoy.  Visit this site regularly for more of my videos and Art.  Thanks.

– Cameron McKirdy

Being a Video Producer by Cameron McKirdy

Hello everyone! My name is Cam, and I like to make movies. I’m launching a new production company now. It’s called Cameron McKirdy Productions. I don’t know where the road goes, but I’m buckled in.

I’ve filmed so much stuff. I’ve been producing videos consistantly for 5 years now. I’ve put them on Youtube, TV, Facebook, and on people’s business websites. In addition, I have recorded sporting events, including several mixed martial arts fights around the Northwest. I also enjoy making wedding videos. I’ve hit record thousands of times, and put in work learning how to edit HD footage. I’m up for anything. I’d like to hear your ideas on video collaberations. Maybe we can work together. I’m your man for video production on the Oregon Coast. I will keep you posted on my shenanigans. Message me if you have any questions. Thanks for visiting my blog. Peace.



I’m Launching THIS New Site!

Hey friends!  This is my new blog to go off about what interests me.  I will be posting, and ranting about: film, comedy, nature, nuggets, whatever.  I’m adding content that I think you will enjoy.  Thanks for checking out my artwork, and supporting the operation.  Peace and love.

– Cameron McKirdy

Doing work.