Clam Digging In Seaside Oregon Off Avenue U 2013 – HD Video

Produced By Cameron McKirdy
It’s not easy to set the alarm for 5:30 AM. But the prospect of free food was too alluring. My bro and I geared up, and went down to the beach in Seaside OR, right off of Avenue U. There were swarms of foragers looking for clam shows. The dimples in the sand were everywhere. We got our limit of 15 razor clams in about 30 minutes. Mission successful! We will be back soon. I hope my video entertains, and informs. We had fun shooting it. Maybe next time Survival Bros will show you how we cook the squirmy grub. Thanks for visiting my blog. Comments are always appreciated. Happy hunting. Peace and love.

survival clams
This is just under the limit for 2 people with licenses.


4 thoughts on “Clam Digging In Seaside Oregon Off Avenue U 2013 – HD Video

  1. Loved it! Super interesting. But why is it illegal to throw them if you get a baby or one that’s too small? Even if you aren’t a commercial fisherman could you still dig a hole and put one back if you didn’t like it?

    • Good reply James. I think so many cracked because we had a narrow clam gun. They were still scrumptious. And like he said, crab bait if really damaged. Thanks for commenting peeps.

  2. Cameron, lots of broken clams there. Maybe next time I’m in town clamming I can show you a few tips on proper form 😉

    Joking aside, nice haul.

    Nichole, the reasoning for not putting clams back is for the most part, those clams will still float to the surface and be eaten by birds or just die. There’s no real “putting it back”.

  3. Very cool!!!! I miss clam digging! I’ve gone many times since I was little and I have somewhat mastered the art of not breaking them……most of the time! I’m looking forward to going again! 😉

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